Exports of technological products amounted to nearly $100 billion

According to the compilation of data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the share of medium and high-tech products in the manufacturing industry came to the fore in exports, which broke the record in the history of the republic at $255.8 billion last year.

While in 2019 the manufacturing industry exported high-tech products worth 5 billion 999 million dollars, in 2020 this amount increased to 5 billion 478 million dollars, in 2021 to 6 billion 450 million dollars and in 2022 to 7 billion 419 million dollars. Turkey exported high-tech products worth 9 billion 130 million dollars in 2023.

Exports of medium-high technology products amounted to 62 billion 289 million dollars in 2019 and decreased to 57 billion 360 million dollars in 2020. Exports of medium to high technology products, which showed a significant increase in the following year, increased to 71 billion 9 million dollars in 2021. Exports of these products, which amounted to 81 billion 251 million dollars in 2022, increased to 88 billion 91 million dollars last year.

While in 2019 medium and high technology products worth 68 billion 288 million dollars were exported, in 2020 this amount fell to 62 billion 838 million dollars. The export of these products amounted to 77 billion 459 million dollars in 2021, 88 billion 670 million dollars in 2022 and 97 billion 221 million dollars last year.

On the other hand, exports of medium-low technology products, which were $46 billion 854 million in 2019, decreased to $43 billion 444 million in 2020. Exports of these products, which increased to 66 billion 89 million dollars in 2021, were estimated at 74 billion 56 million dollars in 2022 and at 69 billion 357 million dollars last year.

Exports of low-tech products amounted to 56 billion 76 million dollars in 2019, 53 billion 671 million dollars in 2020, 69 billion 261 million dollars in 2021 and 77 billion 652 million dollars in 2022. Last year, low-tech products worth 74 billion 446 million dollars were exported.

While the share of medium and high-tech products in total manufacturing products was 39.9 percent in 2019, it was 39.3 percent in 2020 and 36.4 percent in 2021. While the share of these products rose to 36.9 percent in 2022, it rose by 3.4 points to 40.3 percent last year.

“Ankara excels in producing high-tech products”

Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Seyit Ardıç said in his assessment that despite the recent increase, Turkey is still below the world average in terms of the share of high-tech products in manufacturing exports. Ardıç said, “More than half of our exports of high-tech products consist of defense and aerospace products, in which we have made great progress in recent years,” said.

Ardıç pointed out that Ankara has an advantageous position in high-technology exports compared to other provinces, saying:

“Ankara is characterized by strong sectors in the production of high-tech products such as machinery, medicine, transportation, electrical and electronics industries, especially the defense industry. Our capital has great potential in high-tech manufacturing and the value added of production has increased rapidly in recent years. However, the use of high technology has traditionally “Expanding our sectors, increasing our product diversity and differentiating our customers in foreign markets will take our exports to the next level.” As ASO, our goal is to achieve this to our capital industrialists as far as possible that they can produce technology and innovation on an international level.”

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